Limited Land Gardening Solution With QYO 12 Pods Hydroponics Growing System

Limited land for houses is increasingly difficult to realize the dream of owning a garden in a residential area. Even though the cool feeling will easily be created when the residence have a garden. Coupled with the rise of people in urban areas who choose to live in apartments. The dream of gardening in a […]

What You Can Get from the AeroGarden Black Harvest Garden?

Hydroponic planting has many advantages, disadvantages, and benefits. And of course, each planting technique has its own drawbacks, but deficiencies in these techniques can be overcome easily. As we already know, hydroponics is a way of cultivating plants that only use water, so they don’t use soil media. You can use AeroGarden Black Harvest Indoor […]

Simple Hydroponics using LAPOND Grow Kit

The community has become increasingly aware of the importance of reforestation and food fulfillment. Even so, some of them are still hampered by problems with planting land. However, these obstacles can be overcome by utilizing urban farming using hydroponics. Planting with a hydroponic system used to be considered difficult and required a large initial capital. […]

Hydroponic Plants Suitable for Planting in Cities

The hydroponic technique is a method of planting without soil, using only water. Water is more efficient than using the conventional way of using soil. That way, people living in areas with limited water supplies have the alternative to continue growing and harvesting their own food. There are many hydroponic systems that you can use. […]

Hydroponic Growing Kit Options

There are several hydroponic installations/systems that you can apply. In choosing which method is the right one, please pay attention to the types of plants to be planted and get the best hydroponic system. 1. DFT System (Deep Flow System)DFT, the most popular hydroponic system today, especially home hydroponics. One of the reasons is that […]