Hydroponic Growing Kit Options

There are several hydroponic installations/systems that you can apply. In choosing which method is the right one, please pay attention to the types of plants to be planted and get the best hydroponic system.

1. DFT System (Deep Flow System)
DFT, the most popular hydroponic system today, especially home hydroponics. One of the reasons is that the narrow land can accommodate many plants because of its multilevel shape. The way the DFT system works, which is to flow the nutrient solution continuously through a pump with a timer. The passage of nutrients starts from the pumped solution, then passes through the roots of the plant, and returns to the reservoir. This hydroponic system uses the Sidasu Hydroponic Grow Kit 72 Sites which stagnate in the pipe so that if the power fails, the plants will not wilt due to the availability of nutrients. Some plants that are compatible with the Sidasu Hydroponic Grow Kit 72 Sites, such as mustard greens, lettuce, spinach, and kale.

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Fodder King 6-24 Hydroponic System -Produces up to 105 lbs. of fodder per day
-24 separate 6ft.L food-grade PVC channels for safe
-Each channel is fed with a variflow valve to optimize water flow
-12in. of space between levels
-Trays are supported by a strong
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backpac LED Hydroponics Growing System -Use less energy
-Save water
-Year-round harvests
-Easy to operate
-Trust your food
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cordlessblower Gardener’s Supply Company LED Grow Light Stand -Use less energy
-Save water
-Year-round harvests
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Pros And Cons Indoor Organic Hydroponics


  • Greater Efficiency
  • Cooler Temperature
  • Longer Lifespan
  • The Full Spectrum
  • Less Bulk
  • State Rebates


  • Less Powerful
  • Blue Light: Good For Plants, Bad For You
  • An LED System Is A Big Investment
  • Light Bleaching Risk
  • No Standard Specs (Yet)

2.NFT System (Nutrient Film Technique)
Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), a hydroponic method in which the container is slanted to drain nutrient water to plant roots continuously without using a timer. Hydroponic plants are on net pots with hanging roots. These hanging roots are what the nutrient water will pass through. The course of nutrient water in this hydroponic system starts from the water in the reservoir which is pumped into the pipe and then passes through the roots of the plants and returns to the reservoir.

Mint leaves are commonly used for flavorings in drinks such as tea or natural flavorings in various types of cakes, you can easily plant mint leaves hydroponically. The roots of mint leaves can spread very quickly, making this plant ideal for hydroponic planting because it will quickly absorb water which is the main nutrient. If you want to grow mint or herbs, you can choose:
– Indoor Herb Garden LED Hydroponic Grow System Kit
– SEAAN Hydroponic Herb Garden Kit
– Blaward Hydroponic System

Spinach grows best when planted with water. Therefore, this plant is very suitable if grown using a hydroponic system. Spinach doesn’t need a lot of light or too much heat. You can regularly harvest spinach within 12 weeks. You can use spinach for various types of food or process it into juice if you don’t like the texture. For those of you who want to do hydroponics with a pipe system, you can choose:
– SIYAN Hydroponics Growing System
– VIVOSUN Hydroponic Grow Kit
– Giraffe-X Hydroponic Grow Kit

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